Woke up late and went with Heather, Matthias, and Joshua to the Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark, an "Open Air Museum" of the Hesse region. Old houses rebuilt in a lil' community showcasing agriculture, electronics, history, demographics, education, and other parts of life from bygone eras. Plus pigs and chickens and donkeys and windmills.

Then we visited the Roman Saalburg fort, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that served as the Roman Empire's deepest outpost in what is now Germany. Visited some interesting exhibits and took some great fake photos. (No, we did not make it to the Colosseum on this trip.)

Took it easy in the evening, to prepare for an early rise. Demain, la France!

Ye olde schoolroom

Diane is a swinger

Ye olde windmill

Pastoral couple

Mother and son

People shooting people shooting people

HEY watch it

Open wide

Fake Rome