Caught our plane into London after a short delay. Landed and took the underground to our hotel. I kept thinking of The Irresistible Force's first EP, Underground. The hotel's AC was broken, but they planted two large fans in the room. We had been warned of this development several days earlier, but somehow I expected the room to have a window (and therefore some air flow); it did not. Wasn't too bad, though.

Had lunch of fish and chips (what else?) at a pub near the hotel. Diane took a chance on the vegan fish, which has always scared me. For many years I've been looking for good fake-fish alternatives, without any success. It's one of the reasons I eat fish but no other meat — we've got good substitutes for chicken and pork and hamburger. But every fake fish I've ever eaten was disgusting. Until now. London has delivered with some really good vegan fish substitute. Now could we please hurry up and get some of that in Wisconsin?

We toured the Museum of Natural History — saw exhibits about bugs, clams, bats, earthquakes, volcanoes, and early humans. Went back to the hotel for a little nappy, and then headed to a one-man show called The Mariner's Song. The performer, a very charismatic fellow named Rajan Sharma, was preparing for the upcoming Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. It was an interesting performance, mixing the legend of Jason & The Argonauts with his own experiences at sea.

Dined at a fancy Indian restaurant afterwards, where the vegetable korma wasn't great, but the fish curry was fantastic. The kid at the table next to us was staring at his phone while he waited for the food to arrive. Put it away, dude.

Got some tiramisu on the way home, watched a rerun of Fonejacker, and fell asleep.

Find the fish

Radscorpions on display

Holey walls of London

Well apparently not