The Creator made Italy from designs by Michelangelo.
Mark Twain 

For Lew Farsetta, whose lineage made this voyage happen.

Preface: A Time of Tenderness and Pleasure

Day One: Transatlantic

Day Two: All Roads Lead to Rome

Interlude #1: The Food

Day Three: Rome's Fight Club

Day Four: Cough Syrup, Keats and Crime

Day Five: The Vatican't

Interlude #2: Graffiti

Day Six: The Floating City

Day Seven: American Cultural Blowback

Day Eight: Venice It Time To Rest?

Day Nine: Recharging Our Batteries

Interlude #3: The Books I Read

Day Ten: Trains, Traffic and Tomatoes

Day Eleven: A Secret Room in the Museum

Day Twelve: Mickey Mouse in the Ruins of Pompeii

Day Thirteen: The Creepiest Man in Italy

Day Fourteen: Misfortune in Maida

Day Fifteen: Rome and Home

Afterword: Trip Like I Do