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Monday, February 16, 2004

Fred's Escape: Episode 2 

My work habits are so weird -- I started working on a sequel to the first episode of "Fred's Escape" over six months ago. Then I stopped working on it because it felt too tedious, too laborious. Then I showed Episode 1 to a student at school and he liked it; this inspired me to spend my entire weekend finishing the new one.

Now it's done! Please check out Fred's Escape: Episode 2 and join our hero for a second round of freedom-minded hijinks. (TPCQ: "Funny word, hijinks. Three dotted letters in a row.")

Or, if you'd like to join my idiotic neverending quest to gain the favor of the dimtwits at Newgrounds, you can watch -- and vote for, or review -- the movie here.

Thanks for your support -- let me know what you think!