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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Smell Like Wang 

Today on the floor in the hallway I found a fragrance sample from Vera Wang. Never one to turn my back on free designer colognes I find on the floor, I opened it and rubbed it on my temples and wrists. Now I smell like Wang.

I'm not usually one to revel in Beavis-and-Buttheadism, but c'mon. If you're trying to make a name for yourself – especially urging people to smell like you – why not choose a nom de plume, or at least call your cologne something else?
"Ooh, what's that enchanting fragrance?"

"It's the latest scent from Josef Rectum."

"What's it called?"

"Josef Rectum."

"Get away from me. I have a gun."
I'd just like to say once again that I smell like Wang.


Check out the Vera Low Prices at Senor Cardgage's Senioral Day Supra Sale. Home Lawn. I dunno.

Today I'm listening to: What I always listen to!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Drive = Me Crazy 

I'm always in the market for new music. I'm very much addicted to loud tunes, especially of the hip-hop and electronic variety. Therefore I was very excited to see a new release from The Crystal Method in the store yesterday.

Alas, the music isn't really exciting. I've been a huge TCM fan ever since their first album Vegas. Their second, Tweekend, was less impressive – but certainly still quite exceptional. While it didn't cohere as an album the way Vegas did, Tweekend still had some very superb tracks. Their third album, Legion of Boom, disappointed me pretty harshly. It grew on me a little, but I've never played it a whole lot.

Drive, meanwhile, is a bit of a flop. By now their music reminds me of a fair-to-decent breakbeat mixtape. Nothing new or astounding – they clearly know how to make music, and their style is still somewhat distinct, but the magic's gone. I suppose what happened on Vegas stayed on Vegas.

More alarmingly, however, was a tiny little line in the insert which read:
Drive was originally conceived as part of the Nike+ Original Run series as a soundtrack to guide athletes through the progression of a 45 minute workout, from warm-up to cool down. For more information on the Original Run series visit real website omitted because Nike sucks.
Now, leaving aside the question of whether or not this music would inspire me to do a 45 minute workout (no), I was astounded to learn that I had purchased something affiliated with Nike, or – worse yet – that maybe some of my money went to Nike. Ew! (TPCQ: "I think it would be more appropriate if the box bore a big red label – WARNING: LARK'S VOMIT!")

Of course, I can't really say I'm surprised, given the band's history of selling out. Still, Nike takes things to a new level. Yuck. I feel so unclean. You gotta admit, though, that part I wrote about "what happened on Vegas" was pretty good. C'mon, admit it.


This is quite possibly the best learn-by-billiards video set money can buy:

Today I'm listening to: TCM back when they didn't make me sad!

Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm a Busy Man 

Diane has been giving me grief because I haven't blogged in a while. (Yeah, where's your blog, my dear?) So today I'm blogging for the sake of blogging. I have no awesome picture to use, so apropos of nothing, I chose this shot of Piazza San Marco.

I do have some stuff to share, though – check out these animations, from the producers of South Park, bringing the recorded lectures of Buddhist scholar Alan Watts to life. It's some funky stuff. I like the first one (Life and Music), but I is pretty sweet too.

Also be sure to check out EveryHit.com, which allows you to find out what the #1 hits were on any date (like the day you were born for instance). Me = Queen.

Other than that, I've been way busy with Rainbow Six: Vegas and (mostly) Wikipedia. You wanna know how sad it's gotten? I started this post by using [[Wikicode]] instead of HTML, I found myself thinking about how to make a template for the TimeWaster logo below, and – this is true – I only put the link around Wikipedia there after I had finished the rest of the blog post, since I knew I'd find a million things to do once I opened it up. Sad.

Very sad.


If you really hate yourself, have a go at Trapped #1: The White Rabbit. I spent several hours and hated myself for even bothering. Fill the glass with water!

Today I'm listening to: Groove Salad!