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Saturday, January 19, 2008


I've come up with an idea for a kickarse new turn-based strategy game (like Civilization, right; it could also be real-time, but I think turn-based games need a comeback). It's called Elements. Here's how it will work:

The player is in charge of a group of 100 intergalactic settlers who have landed on a new planet. The makeup of the group is randomly generated from a large list of possible types of people: scientists, builders, warriors, etc. (certain minimums can be used, or the player can specify a general makeup preference). These settlers must then confront and adapt to the world, whose elements (hence the name – clever?) are likewise randomly generated: Number and type of predators; available natural resources; weather conditions; etc.

Assuming, for example, that five types of predators were used in each game from a list of 200 – each with varying qualities like speed, threat level, reproduction speed, etc – this would make the replay value of the game incredible. There really would be no two games that were alike (at least it would take a very long time for the pattern to repeat)!

I wish I had a team of programmers and game designers to whom I could assign this task. For now, let me just say: When the next big strategy game hits the shelves, you can be sure it will be a ripoff of my idea (just like the West Virginia Department of Tourism stole my idea about negative advertising! I'm officially copyrighting the idea, so you're all officially witnesses to the thievery of Microsoft (or whoever steals my idea), and I will issue you a subpoena for the intellectual-property trial. Hands off, game designers! (Unless you're willing to pay me 90% of the profits.)


LasagnaCat is a most unusual site. Humans act out Garfield strips. Then the strip is displayed. Then a music video remixes the dramatization. My favorite is Head Like a Hole. (QuickTime) Cat brush! Make sure you also check out the Fatal Farm TV themes.

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