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Friday, June 04, 2004


Sometimes I love doing dishes; other times I wish I had a robot to do them for me. Of course, a robot would probably be electrocuted as soon as it touched the water, causing its immediate death -- but maybe I could get it some waterproof gloves or something.

We got our yearbooks at school today -- one of my students wrote "Bush 04" in it, and I can smell sulfur on that page now. The yearbook has this cool heat-response panel on the front so that when you hold your hand on it, the Sun Prairie High Cardinal appears. Cool!

Dude, George Bush got dissed by the Pope. Cool. That John Paul -- he wheezes and gurgles it like it is. (Except when it comes to homosexual marriage and abortion and a dozen other issues.)


Tontie is cool.

Today I'm listening to: Orbital!