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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Whatever, who cares? None of it makes any sense. What freaking ever. My head is filled with molasses and concrete (head colds will do that). The "War on Terror" is just like World War II. Don't try to think about it -- all you'll get is a headache. (Which I've got.) Indonesia can't take criticism. Whatever -- at least Megawati doesn't fall asleep. Aceh? Who cares? Will your kid graduate? Lemme flip a coin. Hey, why wouldn't Iraqis support our new appointed government? Whatever, just tell me how many people died today. What does history have to do with anything? Why are you bringing up old stuff?

Finding the truth takes too much work.


Come Together. I've never been too crazy about the Beatles (except for their historic importance), but this is really well done.

Today I'm listening to: The silent sounds of absurdity.