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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Fun & Game 

Hip Hop News

Big ups to the National Hip-Hop Political Convention, which brought together MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, and Fred Hampton Jr. to talk about politics and hip-hop and America. (No, I will not make any "jokes" about "rap sessions" or "sitting down to rap about politics".)

Delegates were required to register 50 people to vote. Sweet.

In other hip-hop news, Kool Moe Dee has a book out (November 2003) called There's a God on the Mic, in which he ranks the 50 Greatest MCs of all time.

Mental notes from looking it over at the library: Run made it into the top 25, if I'm not mistakes, but DMC wasn't even on the list. I was pleased to see Ras Kass pretty high up in the standings, as with Redman and KRS-One (top 10). Lauryn Hill is the top-rated female, and MC Lyte is also pretty high up there.

Not surprisingly, Dee put himself at #5, but I was glad to see he had the panache to put several others above himself. I would put Prime Minister Pete Nice somewhere in the top 50, but in the afterword, Dee mentioned that he couldn't list members of groups as individual MCs, so he's planning another book of the 50 Greatest Rap Groups of All Time. We'll have to wait and make sure 3rd Bass makes that list.


Just look at these stunning photos of Saturn! Thank the gods we almost blew up the planet to launch the Cassini rocket!

Toothpaste for Dinner is a cool little comic. I especially like this one.

Thanks to Diane for linking us to The Crawford Wives.

Thanks also to Diane for linking us to The Dullest Blog in the World. Funny for a few minutes, I suppose. I can't imagine ever going to it again, tho.

Annoyed by telemarketers? Well, the real target of your ire should probably be the executives who ignore don't-call-lists and choose irritating evening hours for calls, but in any case -- why not use this script? Fun!


iSketch is iFun! Think online multiplayer Pictionary.

Today I'm listening to: Hedfunk!