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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Formula 

"The Formula" is probably the best track the DOC ever did. I can't decide if it's in the Top Ten Best Rap Tracks of All Time or not, but it's certainly one of the best things Dre ever put his hands on (much better than anything Mr. Mathers has ever spit out).

I wish I could feel a convincing formula for winning at Go. It is by its very nature touch-and-go, but I feel like there's some larger structure that eludes me. (Ha, touch and GO, get it!? Har!)

Formula for a weary me: five parts overenthusiastic presentation of gerunds and Greek mythology + two parts patient Go lesson + three parts meetings, paperwork, and quiz grading + seventeen parts essay reading / evaluation. Mix and serve chilled.

For those who haven't figured out yet, the above is my entry for this week's Tachygraphy. Join us!


Rich -- Yeah, I LOVE State of Emergency. But the story mode sucks, and I would like something more cumulative than what the Kaos mode offers. (And I've been told this is the true appeal of GTA.) DRIV3R is driving me nuts right now -- I spent two hours last night on a particularly aggravating mission. (Aggravating because I keep coming SO close.) Hopefully I can get that freaking car tonight.

On a different topic -- I took it upon myself to introduce those students who'd never seen them to Trogdor and the Intro Movie at HomestarRunner. They were both a hit.


The Zizzo Challenge is neither challenging nor very zizzo. Don't ask me what zizzo means, because I have no idea. I expect it's some new promotional thing from Papa John's. Speaking of which, have you all seen the latest travesty involving Devo? Woe!

Today I'm listening to: Shine!