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Monday, September 20, 2004

George Shadroui is Not Going to Hog the Spotlight of Any More Deviant Synapse Posts 

That dork! He said he was going to write a response -- and that was over a week ago! Lemem guess: he's busier than I am. Yeah, that's it. Maybe he's so overcome with emotion and uncertainty following my blinding criticism that he's unable to find the words. Well, whatever it is, it's time to move on. I've wasted enough of my life trying to reason with that DORK.

Isn't this picture trippy? No, it's not actually moving. It comes from this page of groovy illusions. Thanks, MoFi!

Boy oh boy, this school year is kicking my backside. Work work work all day! And I've only just started getting into the essays. Bleah! But it's all worth it when I see those glowing smiles and enraptured looks in class.

Hey, did you hear about that new vodka from the guy who invented the AK-47? I swear this quote is real:
"I've always wanted to improve and expand on the good name of my weapon by doing good things," he told Reuters Television.
Yes, when I think of the AK-47, I think "good name" and "good things". Definitely.


Have a laff with Posting and You. I don't know what Steam is, but this applies to most forums on the web. via ABS.

Today I'm listening to: Underworld!