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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Go Away, It's My Day Off 

End of week. Worn out. Leave me alone. Going MUDing.

Pic swiped from here.

If you saw the movie Hero (if not, you should), you may have asked yourself at one point: "Are they playing Weiqi (the Chinese word for Go)?" The answer, apparently is: "Maybe, but probably not." I agree with Thomas:
IMO it's an abstraction of a game. Just like on old chinese Paintings a go board could have any size and the positions are more or less random. Take it as a symbol. Just look at the way certain martial arts techniques are re-interpreted in the movie :-) Same happens here with the board game.
Weiqi is almost always played on a board with an odd number of playing spots; the boards in the movie look to have 8. Weiqi stones are placed on the intersections of the board's lines; the ones in the movie are being placed inside the boxes.

Cool.. We finally have The Frederick Douglass Papers Online.


Check out the Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth. Peep that advert! "The time has come to set the record straight." Via MoFi.

Today I'm listening to: Keoki!