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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Things and Stuff 

Look, it's a pineapple house! Don't ask me why I'm using this pic. I'm tired and it's the first thing I found when I searched for "cartoon pineapple."

The guy from Satan's Laundromat (to which I've linked at right for some time) got arrested in NYC with the Critical Mass-ers.
Critical Mass has gone down every month for years, with typically no interference (and often even assistance) by the police. On Friday they suddenly decided to start making arrests without warning, penning people in and arresting entire blocks' worth of people, including hapless tourists and people getting off work who just happened to be in the area watching. And they couldn't have been bothered to clean the diesel sludge off the floor of the holding pens where they made us sleep? Someone will pay.
We shall see. I wish I could be so optimistic.

We passed the 1,000 milestone. Mission accomplished indeed!

I'm sick and tired of these constant bear attacks! It's like a country bear jambaroo around here!

Who says Republicans aren't sophisticated when they encounter an African-American Congressman?

Bleah. Tired.


Here -- watch FaceDance. It's the best I could do. Nothing Flashworthy out lately, I suppose.

Today I'm listening to: Blackalicious!