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Monday, November 08, 2004

I Heart Clay Bennett 

This is an image from the best editorial cartoonist working today*, Clay Bennett. He has remarkable skill with iconography, and his work always makes me smile. It doesn't hurt that he's a superb artist too. So take an hour or two and look through his archive. This one is good.

* with the possible exception of Huck and Konopacki

I'm on a conference call right now. (Shh -- don't tell anyone; they think I'm taking notes.) In case you don't know, Greg Palast is reporting on new allegations of Bush-team vote tampering.

Which brings us to... Josh's blog! Yes, Mr. Heling himself is on the blo(g/ck). Today he posted the most excellent Sorry, Everybody site. Thanks, J! And welcome.

Meantime, Garrett has some cute pictures of Max from Halloween.


Here, play with this thing. I don't understand it -- it's all in German and stuff.

Today I'm listening to: The DOC!