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Friday, November 26, 2004

Things, Stuff, and Items 

Having trouble finding someone to marry? Why not take out a billboard? Yes, some lady in Nashville has erected a billboard to find her soulmate. Makes sense to me! And of course, what billboard-promo personal-ad website would be complete without a 9/11 tribute page?

So then I got to thinking -- that "[your product here] SUCKS" campaign would look mighty fine on a billboard, yessiree. So c'mon, corporations -- don't miss out on my groundbreaking offer!


Lots of stuff from MeFi today, in addition to the loveboard above. First up is the AOL CD throne from StupidCo. (Finally, a company with honesty in titles!) Make sure you also check this page on their website for a cartoon of a lobster attacking a cow.

But AOL CDs aren't just for making chairs! They can also be used to sort-of cut through wood!
Cool blobs of melted plastic everywhere, though, and melted plastic 'candy-floss' blowing everywhere from the spinning disk. Top class entertainment, but as a serious DIY tool I'm afraid the AOL disk gets 0 out of 10.
Hey, remember that game MasterMind, with the colored pegs? Well, it's probably no surprise that you can now play it online. Good mindless fun that feels like intelligence-building.

Batman? (If Garrett doesn't have this site bookmarked, he really should.)

And finally, via Devoter, please enjoy Clear Channel Sucks.

What's that? You wanted insightful links and commentary on the important issues of the day? Thbpt! Go read Wonkette, you hoser. (Oh, wait. Today she's just got naked ladies on C-SPAN. I guess it's a slow news day for all of us.)


Robots! Click the center link -- the others are included in the story.

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