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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Who Would Jesus Vote For? 

End of the 9-weeks. Grades due tomorrow. Photo from BrassMask.

Democracy Now had an interesting segment today about the religious right's successful efforts to mobilize voters, as well as media work by the religious right. Quoth investigative journalist Robert Parry:
As we saw during the -- during this campaign period, there were [left-leaning] groups that were set up just for the 2004 campaign that raised money for advertisements, and those advertisements went on on mainstream corporate media. They were paid for and then after that was done, it disappears. There's no residual effect, whereas the conservatives have built institutions that continue day in and day out, year in, year out, putting their message across, being consistent and being out there so the American people can listen to them.
Also -- I made some comments on Garrett's blog, and I thought maybe I'd repeat them here just for giggles.

First of all, the GOP did NOT receive much of a mandate. Voter turnout was 63%. 51% of that comes to 32% of the eligible population; hardly a mandate.

Secondly, the Democrats have NOT "fallen out of favor" with the American people. Most states had very tight margins, so although the electoral-vote map looks like the whole country is loopy, each state should really be half-red and half-blue. Whether we agree with the ideas behind the electoral college or not, the "winner-take-all" maps we see on election night certainly misrepresent the way the people in our country vote.

Thirdly, Social Security is one of the most effective US government programs of all time, and any proposals to privatize it fill me with horror. Just like plans to privatize schools and libraries.

Finally, any Christian who votes for a man who leads an illegal war of aggression and approves the use of cluster bombs and depleted uranium in civilian areas is a hypocrite and a disgrace to Jesus' good name. Swords into plowshares. Whatsoever you do for the least of my brethren.


Speaking of Jebus -- why throw Christians to the lions when they're willing to climb in voluntarily?


Galactic Debate is amusing. Bush and Kerry a la Star Wars.

Today I'm listening to: System 7!