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Monday, February 07, 2005


Yesterday I posted a link to a funky little Flash site called The 2Headed Dog. Little did I know that it was actually part of an MTV2 viral marketing campaign. I apologize profusely for inadvertantly aiding MTV's insipid program of world domination, and I vow renewed vigilance against such missteps in the future.

I hate being stung by the borg. (Resistance is fertile!) I much prefer being infected by the Borges.

Speaking of borgxx: I think Julian Borger is being a little dramatic when s/he claims that Bush's budget axe will fall on the poor.
A programme that helps the poor pay heating bills is to be cut by more than 8%, while 18 housing and community programmes will be consolidated with total savings of about 40% - almost $3bn.

The administration has also said it will save $60bn over 10 years on the Medicaid programme, which provides health services to the poor. It argues that the savings will largely come from administrative costs, but there will be severe cuts in several health programmes.
First of all, learn to spell. It's "programs," yo. What's with all the extra letters? And secondly, poor people don't deserve all that free medical care, anyway. I mean, imagine what would happen to the economy of your country, Mr. (or Ms.) English smartmouth, if your government started giving away free health care for every "poor" person who asked for it.

Now here's a real commentary -- I am now wildly outraged about those overly sensitive Latino/a students at the University of North Texas.
For the stunt, the Young Conservatives wore bright orange shirts that read "Illegal Immigrant" on the front and "Catch me if U can" on the back. Passers-by were encouraged to track them down around campus and win a prize.
What's so bad about that? Some people are so sensitive!

Killer Robot Watch

Beware the Robotic Attack Jet.
Eventually such planes will be military mainstays. Of this, most observers are sure; it is simply a lot less expensive—and safer—to send machines into battle than to send people. . . .
Uh.. Safer for whom? (TPCQ: "I have seven pudding cups! Thank you Uncle Sam!")


I dunno.. C&G may have to add London to the short list.

Time for video games.


You must watch How to Make an Internet Cartoon. Mag. Ni. Fi. Cent.

Today I'm listening to: Dub Beautiful!