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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Like I Need Another Project 

As you all know, I've just got oodles of free time coming out of my ears. Well, given all the hype about podcasting (thanks to Diane for the entertaining link), I decided I needed to get in on the game. So now I'm a podcaster (except I hate viral advertising, so I'm calling it the Deviant SynCast). Check out my first transmission and be dazzled.

(Don't worry -- I'm going to stick to this one. This isn't going to be like my other projects.)

You wanna start your own? Check out this site for some excellent info (geared toward Mac users, but other folks can do like we've done all our lives and adapt the info). Pic by Cathy Weber.

Life Imitates The Simpsons

Thanks to Diane for -- months ago -- sending me the story of the woman in Brisbane, Australia who got caught trying to sell Duff Beer on eBay.
In the mid-1990s, two breweries released their own "Duff Beer" in Australia until legal action by the creators of The Simpsons and the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. took the beer off the market. Fox has a policy of refusing to license The Simpson's merchandising for products that would be detrimental to children. . . . Buyers paid money into Woodford's bank account, but contacted police when they never received the beer. . . .

Woodford's lawyer Phillip Moore said she committed the scam to buy Christmas presents and clothes for her four children.
It's sad that she needed the money for her kids, but it's also sad that she tried to scam the Simpsons' good name to do it. Now if she had used a brand of beer featured on Family Guy, I wouldn't care.


Also from the Very Old Links file: Thanks to Garrett for linking us to the Wacky Weatherman. This guy ain't no James Martin!

Thanks to Diane for this collection of technical drawings from the Smithsonian. There's some nifty stuff there. And praise also be unto D for linking us to the GUIdebook, a collection of Graphic User Interfaces of ages past. Ah, the //gs.


He's not quite QBert, but you gotta see DJ Lejo, via ABS.

Today I'm listening to: Infinite Livez! (Check the SynCast, yo.) Do not miss his video for Hit Me Baby One More Time.