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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Wasting Time 

I've come to believe that -- given the insane pace and energy I put into my school days (not to mention ETAN work, writing, music, and a thousand other projects), I deserve to waste vast gobs of time on the weekend. To that end, this post is nothing but homage and links to same.

First off, pursuant to my last post about MUDs, I found this interview with RM French, lead designer for Iron Realms, creators of Achaea and Lusternia.
Q: Many people claim that the text game (the M**) is on its way out, that it is a dying genre of an increasingly narrow niche audience. What would you say to them?

A: I was one of those people actually. Seven years ago, I predicted text games would die within five years in the face of graphical juggernauts like Everquest. Thankfully, I was completely wrong. I've finally came to the realization that there will never be a shortage of people who enjoy playing roleplaying games using their imaginations as evoked by the written word rather than through splashy graphics. As long as there are people who prefer to read novels as opposed to going to the movies, there will be gamers who prefer text MUDs over graphic games.
I could have sworn I said something very similar to this not long ago.

Anyway -- on to the time wasting. You should start with [CENSORED].

Speaking of inappropriate -- pic swiped from here.

Have a gander at Organic HTML. It takes a website and makes a plant based -- apparently -- on its color scheme, directory structure, and multimedia elements. The result for fbesp.org/blog is pretty cool.

How about some blasts from the past? Go back to GreenTowel and watch Rock Shock and tell me it isn't magnificent. And can you ever have too much We Like the Moon? Or Bing! I'm a Guinea Pig?


What, you need more? Okay, whatever. Sing along with Volare.

Today I'm listening to: The Crystal Method!