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Thursday, May 26, 2005

So Now There Was Mishandling 

Pretty sweet, eh? Check the TimeWaster™.

HalliBush Wars, Inc.

So now the Pentagon admits that there have been "mishandlings" of the Quran. But no one flushed anything!
Of the 13 alleged incidents, five were substantiated, he said. Four were by guards and one was by an interrogator. Hood said the five cases "could be broadly defined as mishandling" of the holy book, but he refused to discuss details.
Yeah, I'm sure we'll get the details at some point -- two years from now, when everyone's forgotten enough about it.

Stop Saying This

I've started to take note of certain words and phrases that are especially insipid, useless, and vomit-making. I shall feature them here in this space under the heading Stop Saying This. We lead with the aggravatingly ubiquitous "move forward." This phrase is a perennial favorite among powerful people, especially those with access to the media. Politicans are constantly talking about "moving our nation forward," and of course there is currently a right-wing astroturf group known as Move America Forward.

Even Toyota's getting into the act, with their moronic ad campaign, "Moving forward." Lately members of the US Congress have been yammering on about how we have to "move forward" after the filibuster brouhaha. It's a meaningless phrase designed to reinforce the ludicrous notion that time always moves in one direction; or -- worse -- that human society only moves in one direction. So stop saying this!


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