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Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Sweet Pot o' Ireland 

A special shake o' the shamrock to our Irish listeners (if we have any), for today's SynCast features Songs of the Emerald Isle, a heartwarming collection of authentic Irish ballads. Enjoy!

Other Stuff

If you're like me, you got sick of hearing about NASA's comet collision on 4 July. But did you hear about the Moscow astrologist who's suing NASA for screwing up her predictions?
"It is obvious that elements of the comet's orbit, and correspondingly the ephemeris, will change after the explosion, which interferes with my astrology work and distorts my horoscope," Izvestia daily quoted astrologist Marina Bai as saying in legal documents submitted before Monday's collision.
I can't decide who's crazier.

Thanks to Diane for this page of corporate sponsor-ruined record album covers. WARNING: It's a huge page with lots of pix. Even on broadband, it's a lengthy load. I think "A Love Supreme" is my fave. (And can you find mine?)

Check out the incandescent proposal.
About 100 people gathered to watch Todd Grannis perform the flaming stunt on Monday, which involved wearing a cape soaked in gasoline.
Someone on MonkeyFilter won the "best caption ever" award with: "Cupid stunt". I thought mine was good, but I must admit that is quite nice.

Asia Times Online has a good point -- if we're so paranoid about China buying our oil comany, why don't we just nationalize Unocal?

And finally -- Aljazeera has an interesting article quoting an MSNBC translator saying that the group claiming responsibility for this week's terrorist attack in London misquoted the Qura'n -- which is, in his words, "not something Al Qaeda would do."


Waste some time with Planarity. Via MoFi. I finished level 4 before I lost interest.

Today I'm listening to: Beavis & Butt-Head!