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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Back with a (Video) Vengeance 

Boo-ya-kaa! Here it is -- bam! We finally got settled into the new place, and I got time to put together something special for everyone who's been so patient: The first ever Deviant VidCast! [QuickTime, 19.26 MB]

That's right -- it's a one-shot video presentation of the SynCast. It's way small (visually), so your best bet is to download it and watch it full-screen on your media player.

The VidCast includes:
  • A tour of our new home

  • A killer intro montage

  • Video footage from East Timor

  • The Mooninites

  • Lots of other fun, funny, funky stuff.
I hope this makes up for the long time it's taken me to get back to this. We're on dialup here (SBC SUCKS!), so it's taking me just as long to upload this thing as it will take for many of you to download it -- don't worry, we'll be back to audio-only next week.

Meantime, I haven't started finished writing my memoir of the Timor trip, but it should be up soon. Watch this space.


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