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Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Citizen's Guide to Sonic Defense 

Instead of a SynCast this week, I have a special treat for you: My new album!

The Citizen's Guide to Sonic Defense is an essential handbook for every aware American citizen -- and any person around the world who wishes to join the War on Audio Terrorism. Start with the Flash introduction and then download some free mp3s.

Madison music legend Jesse [CENSORED] said of The Citizen's Guide to Sonic Defense:
Spectacular! From the first track, the listener is seized up in a whirlwind of aural magic. The album is largely wordless, but the samples that do appear are well placed and never seem gratuitous. I am a big fan of track 10, Audio Fallout, as well as track 6, Testing for Bass. I am particularly taken in by the bass lines that drive each song, blending easily with the crisp, original beats that make me want to hit East Washington Ave. on a Friday night with 15" woofers in the trunk of my Prius, armed with a double espresso and the Citizen's Guide to Sonic Defense.
Thanks, J. And thanks to everyone else who has given such positive feedback. And just look at what the people at Newgrounds have to say!



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