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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Myriad Mythologies & Rhinoplasy Rumors 

My creative writing students are setting up their blogs tomorrow, and I'll be sending them here to see what my blog looks like. So I wanted to have a new post up for them to see, since I mentioned that I blog twice a week. (Of course, they can just scroll down and see that this is recently a pack of lies, but maybe they won't.) Anyway, I've been saving some stuff to blog about, so here it is. Bam.

Hope Davis' Nose

While watching the excellent film American Splendor recently, I kept wondering why I recognized the woman playing Harvey's lady friend Judy. Then I realized it was that woman from The Daytrippers! (TPCQ: "A pointer .. who can't point.") So I went looking into her profile (her name is Hope Davis) and I found this erudite discussion of Ms. Davis' thespian career. I urge you to read it for yourself.
The Scarecrow: I love her nose. Did she have plastic surgery?

Venus As A Boy: I love it, too. I don't think she had any plastic surgery, though. I haven't seen many noses like her and I think it's too unique to be 'handmade'.
The Venus person actually posts a link to a picture which proves that she has not, in fact, undergone a rhinoplasty. So, you know -- very important.

Creation Cartoons

No, not intelligent design. I'm talking about The Big Myth, a superb Flash site made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sciences. (Ergo, it's available in English and Dutch.) Make sure you check out to Yoruba myth to see the funky mutant human beta test. And the Mayan myth is pretty cool too. And the Maori win the award for saddest creation myth ever.

Enjoy! (TPCQ: "Next I'll tell you the legend of Maggie's pacifier!")


If that's not enough Flash for you, check out StrongBad and The Cheat at TrogdorCon '97. (I recently received my awesome Trogdor polo shirt, and while none of the kids at school said anything, the saleslady at Half-Price Books was duly impressed.)

Today I'm listening to: Innerstance.Beatbox!