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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Silliness, Skill, and a SynCast 

Hold on to your nostrils, people -- because this week's SynCast is going to knock your septum off! We're featuring material from:
  • Jim Florentine
  • De La Soul
  • StrongBad
  • Autechre
  • All Natural
  • and more!
And we're back to a much more normal 15 minutes. Whew!

Nice Work

I've added two new blogs to the list on the right:
  1. Progress in Work, my brother Mark's site showcasing his fine work in graphic design; and

  2. Random Rants from Aroot the Rhapsodist, a collection from Adam Root, a former student of mine. The Espiotr saga continues..
As for the picture up there, that comes from Libelous Claims About Large Corporations, a very funny page sent to us by Mark. Thank, bro!

Et Cetera

Speaking of good sites, check out the graphics (and, if you're a Go fiend, the text) on ChiyoDad Learns Go. And everyone should take a look at Baka no Itte -- especially if you're a fan of Hikaru no Go.

Thanks to Diane for the Wired article about the Lego™ lovers in Arlington. Be sure to peep Homer Simpson.

Speaking of The Simpsons, how about an Islamically-correct version of the show?
With Omar as Homer, and Badr substituted for Bart, The Simpsons is now playing on Arab television ... [and] he has swapped Duff beer for soft drinks.
Durka durka!

I know we've all thought about this, but it's nice to see an article which puts it in black 'n' white.
A whole set of international volunteers and rescue teams were set to rescue pets from areas being lashed by Hurricane Katrina that hit the U.S. in August. This high professional team was moving quickly to be able to save as many dogs and kittens as they can in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. . . .

When India and Pakistan were hit on 8th of October by the devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake, for three whole days the destructed cities and miserable homeless did not find any remedy from the international community. The corpses were spread everywhere, hunger was swelling, and the harsh winter was hitting the dispossessed people tremendously. The victims had to sleep in the streets among the dead waiting for a grain of aid or a piece of bread.
But those people are less important than our pets, because we're Americans and .. we don't need to care about you -- we just need you to care about us! And our pets. (Actually, the poor people in New Orleans had to wait five days for help from the US government, but the point still holds.)


What, you want more? Okay, how about a teeny-tiny, silent, 8-bit Star Wars? And thanks to Matt for linking us up to the ASCII Star Wars. (Careful -- this one's Java and it takes a minute to load.)

Today I'm listening to: Groove Salad!