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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Collect Call from Jail 

We got a really odd message on our answering machine the other day. Sometimes we'll get the odd recorded telemarketing spiel, or misplaced message for someone who doesn't live here. (For a while in Florida, I was getting calls on a regular basis for the VA hospital.)

But this one was just weird. It apparently came from a correction facility, but it wasn't from Jefffff. We can't figure out who it came from. You'll just have to listen to This week's SynCast and check it out for yourself.

I Am a Loser

And in other news: I lost! This weekend I got the letter from Wisconsin's CESA #2 informing me that while I am wonderful and manificent and glorious and superb, I'm a worse teacher than the 26 individuals who were chosen to represent our region in the Kohl fellowship runoff.

Insofar as I would never dream of giving a student a poor grade on an assignment without some kind of explanation, I'm tempted by the desire to write a letter asking for a reason why I wasn't chosen. Of course, this would just make me look angry and bitter and petty -- but I can't help wondering how in the world they choose these things. They ought to make all the applications available online.

And of course, I'm second-guessing myself.
  • "Why did I put all that stuff on there about Paulo Freire?"
  • "I shouldn't have pointed out the grammatical mistake on question #5!"
  • "Maybe I should have slipped some cash into the application."
Naturally, if I had won, I would have been very happy and proud of myself -- so I can't pretend like it doesn't matter. And yet I know that it's all a bunch of hooey, as I so recently mentioned in this space.

Still, the saddening effect this is having on me today is real. How ironic that an award designed to recognize and reward teachers is having the exact opposite effect on me.



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