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Saturday, March 25, 2006


If you're old enough, you should definitely see the new movie V for Vendetta. It's based on a graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, and -- as always -- the book is better than the film. But the movie is really excellent. The story is upheld very well from the original (even though no character on screen so much as says the word "anarchy"), and the visceral connection to the characters is more intense on the big screen.

It was whilst watching the movie on the enormous IMAX screen this week that I realized the soundtrack contained a glaring omission -- "Everything's Cool" by Pop Will Eat Itself is perfect for that flick.

Thus, in lieu of a SynCast this weekend, I have prepared a custom V for Vendetta mashup trailer video. It is available in two sizes (I recommend the big one, but I know some people can't handle a 37MB download):Download it and play it full-screen with the volume turned up real loud.


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