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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A to Z 

Yes, this is one of those Magic Eye things. (Animated ones here.) Click on the image at right for the larger, dot-less, original.

Today I reorganized my CD collection in alphabetical order. I know, in this age of mp3s and iPuds the CD collection is an anachronism of sorts. I don't care -- I still like having a CD collection, and regardless of my friends' bellyaching, I also like the brick-and-dowel shelves too.

I had organized the discs thematically -- DJ mixes in one section, classical music in another, soundtracks in another. But it got hard to draw the lines (should I mix drum n bass with gabber?), and I kept losing discs. Still, this should have waited for some other time; it was too much like work for a weekend.

Alphabetic order presents some problems in itself: Does 1000 Homo DJs belong before 2 Bad Mice (since 1 < 2), or after it (since 1000 > 2)? Should I file the Harris/Plotkin project Collapse under Scorn, Harris, Plotkin, or Collapse? And what the hell do I do with Aphex Twin?

Well, anyway, I decided in honor of this semiotic celebration, I would treat you to an around-the-world tour of my music tastes in this week's SynCast. Thirty seconds each of the following excellent musicians:... and so on. Enjoy!


The Tomb of Doom is a bit of flash clay game fun. There's a monkey at the end!

Today I'm listening to: Q is for Queen Latifah!