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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeah 

Check out the new Official Seal of Deviant Synapse. You can make your own at the Official Seal Generator. Thanks, MonkeyFilter!

I know, I know -- I ain't been bloggin'. Well, shut up! It's the start of school and I'm exhausted. I've already got loads of papers to grade and that, so bugger off.

I had another picture of a band, before I remembered about the seal dealie. I went looking on Google Images for "yeah yeah yeah" and found loads of images of a band called Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Fancy that!

Karl Pilkington is My Hero

If you love the Ricky Gervais Show like I do (thank you Garrett), you'll want to check out Pilkipedia, a wiki devoted to all things Karl P. and especially check out the video podcasts, featuring -- among other things -- animated Monkey News.


Remember the Numa Numa guy? Well, he's done another one. Not nearly as entertaining, but it's good to see he's having fun with it again; I read an article once about how he was totally embarrassed and ashamed and never talked to anyone about it. We've all done what he did; the only difference is that he was filming it.

Today I'm listening to: Helmet!