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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Diane's Famous (Again) 

You may recall that earlier this year my fiancee Diane became nationally famous as the author of a report about fake news reports known as VNRs (Video News Releases). Well, she's back!

Today the indefatigable DLF was a featured guest on Democracy Now!, where she spoke about the latest report on VNRs and how many of the stations being investigated by the FCC are still broadcasting this fake news.
The global warming example that you showed is a great example of, if only that information had been presented, that this was presented by ExxonMobil's lobbying firm, you would take that information, you would evaluate it much differently. So, the aim of disclosure is not to suppress VNRs. It's not to say TV stations can't air these. It's to provide an essential piece of information to news audiences.
See why I love her? Well, it's a major reason. There's lots of others too.

I'm not feeling well today; I came home early from school to rest. So I'mma go rest. No TimeWaster today. Maybe I'll post something later in the week.