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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Return of Another Thing 

I've restarted A Somewhat True Story, a wiki project to collect information about movies based on a true story (BOTS). I had begun this years ago, but the only wikihosts I could find deleted it when it lay dormant for a while. Looks like wikispaces is different, since they generate revenue through their ads.

I've spent all morning setting it up -- now it's your turn! We've only got pages on two movies so far: Fargo and 300. Please have a quick look at the guidelines and join in!

Me, I'm going to take a break and play some video games. I'll blog about myself and my life again soon. Promise.


The new StrongBad DriveThru cartoon is ah-pretty-pretty-good.

Today I'm listening to: Groove Salad!