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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Curse of New Technologies 

Lemme tell you why I hate designers: Apple is coming out with yet another new OS. But I haven't even gotten the last one yet!

Why does this matter? Because all the new nifty apps for the Mac require OSX 10.4 -- and as soon as the new 10.5 comes out, they'll all require that. So we users are left with a choice: Keep upgrading our OS every year at $100/pop, or miss out on funky new apps. It's a total scam collaboration between the software designers and the hardware manufacturers.

It's part of the American lust for what's newer, bigger, faster, slicker. We're never satisfied with what we've got. (Of course, if I were satisfied with what I had, none of this would be a problem.)

Speaking of Which

Thanks indeed to Josh and Jon for getting me onto Twitter, the new asinine online community site. The entire concept of the site is: "What are you doing right now?" Seriously. Go look at it. Pathetic idiots from around the globe all posting moronic snippets about how they're drinking coffee and blogging. Add me!


Check out this sweet morph-tage of women in European art.

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