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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dig My Stencil-Fu 

Aw, you judgin' me, dog?
Please! You shop at the mall
Me? I shop at boutiques
Limited quantity sneaks
Where do these quantities be?
Maybe they all on my feet

The Cool Kids
"A Little Bit Cooler"

I had the most productive day ever today. I did a million errands, finished editing the Lia Foun newsletter (it'll be online soon enough), folded 'em up, printed out the mailing labels, folded the 'letters for mailing, applied labels, and wrote thank you notes. Then I relaxed by designing and printing and cutting and painting this fresh design for my Chucks. What!

Time for some video games.


Here's a 1-minute YouTube about watching videos on the iPhone while driving. We really are Amusing Ourselves to Death. (via boing)

Today I'm listening to: Tegan and Sara!