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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trust Me 

While we were watching the new Cohen brothers' movie Burn After Reading, I kept thinking: "Is it..? Nah, couldn't be." I suggested it to Diane after the movie, but she'd never watched it. I mentioned it to another teacher at school, but he seemed skeptical.

But it is! David Rasche, who plays "CIA Officer" in the movie, made television history many years ago by playing the glorious title character in the show Sledge Hammer! What a fantastic show. If you never saw it, then shame on you! In honor of that glorious program, I'm going to end every sentence in this paragraph with an exclamation point! And if you haven't gone to Sledge Hammer Online (see previous link), do it now! Exclamation point!

Enough talk. Sledge was a man of action. So here's some classic Sledge action! (1:15) Enjoy!

And here he is driving around! (0:18)

And here's the original theme song!

Today I'm listening to: Northern State!