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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Contest for the Few 

While browsing today at Mad City Music Exchange, I spied a new album from Jean Grae. I think she's an okay MC, but I took it off the shelf for a listen because it's produced by DJ wizard 9th Wonder. The music's decent, but when I opened up the inside cover artwork, I decided to buy it instantly. (The front is all black, but the inside art is featured at right.) I was giddy with joy at the superb images inside.

Which brings us to the first-ever Deviant Synapse Trivia Contest. I will deliver a $20 gift certificate to the online retailer of your choice to the first person who can – in the comments section of this post – correctly identify the four classic rap albums (and their artists) parodied in these images. (Click on the picture for a slightly larger version.)

This contest will really only appeal to a small cross-section of the following people:
  1. People who read this blog
  2. People who have listened to hip-hop for more than ten years
  3. People who care enough to post a comment
There are really only two people I can imagine will enter. But ya never know.


I just posted the Mos Def for prez thing below. Go watch that.

Today I'm listening to: Thievery Corporation!