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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Election Insight 

There's been a lot of stuff written – some worthwhile, most of it not – about the recent election. But I think by far the best commentary has come from T. Herman Zweibel, Publisher Emeritus of ''The Onion''.
How impressive is the willingness of the commoner, that eternal puppet of plutocrats, to invest a few hours in deciding if his life will be directed by the strings on his limbs or the hand up his fundament. ... So enjoy what joy and triumph you may find in your pitiful exercise of the democratic franchise. Reflect on it for a night or two. Then, with the inevitability of the migrating lemming, you shall transfer that joy to the availability of a new sandwich, perhaps one topped with a a heretofore unseen variety of cheese and accompanied by fried potatoes cut into an unusual helical shape.
I'm trying to resist my cynicism, but every cabinet appointment and actual decision made by the administration-elect makes me more and more frustrated. At least Daschle for HHS doesn't seem fraught with criminal apology and/or corporate bootlicking. Or does it? For several years he's been at a law firm which works with lots of drug companies and HMOs.
A spokeswoman for Alston & Bird declined to disclose which of the firm’s health care industry clients Mr. Daschle had advised; the firm represents dozens of such concerns including pharmaceutical companies, health care providers, and trade groups for nurses and nursing homes.
Maybe I should just stop reading the news.


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