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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Love My Wife 

Today is the anniversary of the fantastic wedding that took place between myself and Diane Louise Farsetta two years ago. They have been the 730 happiest days of my life.

Here she is at the Trevi Fountain during our honeymoon in 2007. Ain't she cute? How did a pudgy shlub like me end up with a knockout like her?

Diane is smart, funny, and compassionate. She's awesome and fun to be around. She lives her principles, but she's got a gorgeously open mind.

TPCQ: You're such a super lady!

I could go on all night, but I think that will embarrass her enough for this year. Thanks to everyone who sent anniversary wishes, even though they made me feel guilty (since I can never remember anyone else's).

Here's to 102 more!


You want more fun with Diane? Why not watch the Road Trip Movie again? Here's part one via YouTube:

Today I'm listening to: Lifesavas!