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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things I Don't Like 

I actually have no problems with buttons. I just did a Google Image Search for "don't like" and I liked this image. (Dude I just blew your mind.)

I don't like being sick. Halfway through the day on Thursday I suddenly got a head cold. For the past 48 hours my brain has been concrete and my sleeves are coated with mucous because I can't get the hanky or tissue or toilet paper to my face fast enough. I have three bags of Ricolah going at once. (The new Mixed Berry drops suck! Stay away.) I can't decide if it's better to be sick on the weekend (because I have time to rest, but I feel robbed of happy relaxation time) or during the week (because I get bonus rest time, but the work builds up when you're gone from the classroom).

I don't like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Every world leader who has not illegally invaded another nation is probably thinking: "WTF? Where's my prize? I also believe in the power of diplomacy." Obama only won because Bush was such a warmongering criminal. It's like a teacher giving a kid a gold star because for once he didn't spit on the other kids. It makes me sad as an American that the rest of the world has set the bar so low for us. "Nice work, Sam! You didn't drop bombs on anyone this week! Have a trophy!" (If I weren't sick, I'd link again to the Strong Bad cartoon.)

I don't like the singleplayer for Operation Flashpoint. The enemies are too far away and too small and I ran out of ammo for my night-vision high-tech weapon and the iron sight gun I took from the enemy is useless. I finally realized that I can get a better weapon from killing the officer, but then there's the time pressure and I keep failing and my men keep getting shot. I just want to shoot things, not order a squad around. They should make the AI for your squad good enough so that if you don't tell them what to do, they still do useful stuff. That, or find people to play co-op with. Today I'll try the multiplayer.

I don't like my brain's insistence on multivariate lists. I feel like only having three items in a list is too few. So I add in extra stuff just to feel like the blog post is really worth it. Meaningless blather goes here.

I DO like this radish Diane found on the farm. It's quite remarkable. It's about one inch long.


Many thanks to Madsimian for this superb Carl Sagan autotune remix.

Today I'm listening to: Flobots!