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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Support the Virtual Troops 

Check out my latest Photoshopping doodad. Click on it for the larger version. You can also order your own bumper sticker version! (Thanks to Pat H for reminding me about CafePress.)

Speaking of Which

Speaking of supporting the troops, you'll be happy to know injured vets are getting all the help they need.
Mostly what the soldiers do together is wait: for appointments, evaluations, signatures and lost paperwork to be found. It's like another wife told Annette McLeod: "If Iraq don't kill you, Walter Reed will." . . .

A board of physicians must review hundreds of pages of medical records to determine whether a soldier is fit to return to duty. If not, the Physical Evaluation Board must decide whether to assign a rating for disability compensation. For many, this is the start of a new and bitter battle.
Meanwhile, President Bush wants to cut veteran benefits in order to balance the budget. (Hey look -- it's the Bradenton Herald! Flashbacks, anyone?)

Full Circle

And to bring it all back together: A new report says that surgeons who play video games are more skilled.
A study has found a direct link between skill at video gaming and skill at keyhole, or laparoscopic, surgery. Young surgeons who spent at least three hours a week playing video games in the past made 37% fewer errors, were 27% faster, and scored 42% better overall than surgeons who had never played a video game at all.
You heard it hear first.


More mindless violence will help you prepare for laparoscopic surgery.

Today I'm listening to: Groove Salad!

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